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11 Low-Proof Cocktails You Have to Try (Slideshow)

11 Low-Proof Cocktails You Have to Try (Slideshow)

Take it easy with these light but tasty cocktails


This Italian classic is ideal for anyone looking for a drink made without hard liquor. A combination of Campari, sweet vermouth and club soda, this fizzy drink is refreshing and complex.


If the Americano is the father of all low-proof cocktails, the mimosa is the matriarch. Consisting of just orange juice and sparkling wine, this brunch staple is so easy to make (and easy to drink), it may be hard to stop yourself at one.


Made with Fernet and vermouth, this low-proof cocktail is a fine after-dinner drink. The bitterness from the Fernet and vermouth is balanced with the sweetness of Galliano L’Autentico, a light herbal liqueur with hints of lavender and vanilla. One sip of this and you won’t miss the hard stuff.


Need an after-dinner drink that won’t send you crawling to bed? The grasshopper combines green and white Crème de Menthe with heavy cream for a thick and minty finish. Skip that chocolate cake.

Magic Hour

This cocktail makes any hour, well, magical. Made from a combination of Lillet Rose, grapefruit juice, sparkling wine and yellow Chartreuse, the Magic Hour is a floral, light-bodied drink is perfect for celebrating or day-drinking with friends. And let’s be honest, any reason to bust out the champagne glasses is fine with us.